Changelog history

physiotherapy reinvented

  • 1 year ago Add
    Norms of the range of motions in patient statistics
    Remote control
    Auto power off of the complex
    Power on with network filter
    Turning off the music in biofeedback
  • 1 year ago Update
    Update of the appearance of the countdown in test and diagnostic mode
  • 1 year ago Add
    Skip button on the patient screen
  • 1 year ago Update
    Detailed system logging errors and warnings
  • 1 year ago Fixed
    Problem with display of instructions of the doctor when creating a course
  • 1 year ago Fixed
    Data base
    Display tips in biofeedback
    Synchronization subsystem
  • 2 years ago Add
    New game "Bird"
    New biofeedback with augmented reality
    Cloud synchronization service
  • 2 years ago Fixed
    Number of important improvements


  • 12 months ago Add
    Target SEBT test and modified SEBT-Y
  • 1 year ago Add
    Target test to assess condition of the muscles, legs and test for dizziness BPPV
    Export of original sample movement data
  • 1 year ago Add
    Fukuda Target Test and Squat Test
    Export of the joint paths
  • 1 year ago Add
    Joint trajectories in kinematic mode
    Synchronized with kinematics of graphs CT
  • 1 year ago Update
    Graphs (zero axis, signatures and units of measurement)
  • 1 year ago Add
    Ready sample (test) reports
    Gait analysis


  • 1 year ago Add
    Exercise #2: Foot rotation outwards
    Exercise #7: Turning hips outwards
    Exercise #8: Turning hips inwards
    Exercise #155: Extension of straight arms (as an option, with weights or rubbers)
    Exercise #156: Arm flexion (left arm control, as an option, with weights or rubbers)
    Exercise #157: Arm flexion (right arm control, as an option, with weights or rubbers)
    Exercise #158: Elbow adduction in front of you
    Exercise #159: Elbow abduction
    Exercise #160: Imitation of hitting with the right hand
    Exercise #161: Imitation of hitting with the left hand
  • 1 year ago Update
    Exercise #1: Transferring of calculation points from palm to hand
    Exercise #6: Increased by default limits to develop criteria for the control of trajectory of hand movement
    Exercise #11,12, 13, 32, 137, 96, 97, 141: Initial parameters have been changed by the request of customers
    Exercise #23: Changed default end angle and changed criteria work
    Exercise #110, 111: Increased by default the limits of criteria to control the back leaning forward
    Exercise #143: The default parameters have and default criteria values have been changed, as well criteria to control presence of hands on the belt has been disabled by default
    Exercise #151,152,153,154: Increased by default limits of criteria to control back deviations
  • 1 year ago Removed
    Temporarily removed exercises #4, 5, 49, 50 until the update of support for the implementation of exercises sideways
  • 1 year ago Fixed
    Calculation points for criteria related with support of control of straights hands have been changed


  • 10 months ago Add
    Automatic cloud back up storage
  • 2 years ago Add
    Single box for power supply
    Single cable enclosure
    Warning labels on the case
  • 2 years ago Update
    Update of PC Intel NUC