physiotherapy reinvented

Complex to restore movement activity and coordination of limb movements with assessment of functionalities by using interactive programs for clinic.

Clinic – it is assistant for doctor and patient during rehabilitation. Using the complex doctor can quickly assess the range of movements of the patient, prepare course of exercises and timetable of therapy activities, and, if necessary, remotely monitor the progress according to automatic reports (statistical tables and graphs). Patient can perform exercises prescribed by the doctor independently, without additional control of relatives and friends, both in clinic and home. Complex controls patient’s performance (correctness and amount of doctor’s prescribed exercises) by using audio-visual instructions and system of biological feedback. Every attempt of the patient is recorded in reports.


  1. Diagnostics of the range of motion;
  2. Preparation and prescription of the course of rehabilitation exercises;
  3. Movement control and motivation of the patient;
  4. Documentation and reporting on patients work.

System features:

  1. Suitable for patients of any height, weight, physical characteristics, including children (no adjustments required depending on anthropometric characteristics of the patient);
  2. Works without any sensors attached on the patient’s body;
  3. Biofeedback and motivating (including games) exercises;
  4. Monitoring of correct implementation of the exercises;
  5. Suitable for independent work of the patient;
  6. Can be used both in the clinic and at the patient’s home;
  7. Automatic preparation of reports on the patient’s exercises.


The complex can be used: for prevention, ROM assessment, resistance training and recovery of motor abilities for the patients who have suffered stroke, patients with traumatic brain injury, various demyelinating and neurodegenerative diseases and other illnesses of the central and peripheral nervous system.
In the same time complex can be used to restore the range of motion when patient suffers from diseases of musculoskeletal system, as well after injuries, stroke, prolonged immobilization and recovering after surgical methods of treatment of orthopaedic diseases.