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physiotherapy reinvented

Physilect systems – multifunctional solutions for multidisciplinary and highly specialized clinics, as well for remote and home rehabilitation.

Physilect – is:

  • Diagnostics, detailed examination of the range of motion and body balance in a three dimensional model;
  • Restoration of motor activity and coordination of movements both for adult patients and for children;
  • Motivating scenarios and cognitive development;
  • Physical fitness;
  • Prevention of occupational diseases and elderly diseases;
  • Remote control of performance.

Field of application of the system Physilect:

  • Rehabilitation (restoration of motor functions, strength, endurance and movement coordination);
  • Medical examination;
  • Sports medicine;
  • Professional medicine;
  • Science (Scientific research).

Reson why clinics prefer to choose Physilect:

  • Physilect – product made in Finland in the result of the joint work of IT specialists and doctors and other specialists in the field of rehabilitation and psychology, which within the frameworks of experience is an excellent choice for the clinic;
  • Physilect is specially designed to equip medical institution with its own telemedicine and telerehabilitation service;
  • Physilect – registered as medical system;
  • A single, very compact equipment for all modules of the complex (rehabilitation, diagnostics, balance, cognitive, etc.) allows to conveniently place the system, even if the clinic has limited amount of free space;
  • Complex can be perfectly combined with additional equipment and training devices of other manufacturers, enhancing the effect of training and allowing to get much more objective diagnostic data;
  • Quick training of specialists to manage patient exercises (training is carried out by the manufacturer) reduces the costs of preparation of personnel and decrease workload on doctors and rehabilitation specialists;
  • Short time of preparing the patient for training provides high usage of the complex, and clinic is able to help more patients;
  • The complex allows to provide high-quality rehabilitation services to patients, who live in remote cities and does not have opportunity to attend training sessions in clinic in supervision of rehabilitation specialist. It is source of additional income for medical institution from launching its own home patient support service, based on Physilect and/or Physilect Service;
  • Physilect Systems – is a serious assistant in evidence-based medicine, providing a powerful objective statistical base on effectiveness of rehabilitation and recovery;

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  • We invite clinics to join to research and testing of our new products and prototypes before their public release:;
  • We invite clinics to join to our Physilect service. It will provide an additional income, as well will increase loyalty of patients who, if necessary, later will return to you.

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