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physiotherapy reinvented

A special module of Physilect, created directly for home rehabilitation of patients (telemedicine).

It is complex for the patient for independent training. It includes system of biofeedback with augmented reality and game scenarios to increase motivation.

Benefits of Physilect home complex:

  • Most of the patients initially meet Physilect systems while they are still in the clinic. The initial course of rehabilitation takes place under constant supervision of the physician who monitors the range of movement, position of the centre of gravity etc. – to be aware about the slightest changes. Also, patients are independently engaged in the course of exercises created by the attending physician, but however, under control and with help of Physilect;
  • A program of exercises prescribed by the doctor is installed in advance in home complex. It is enough just to turn on the system and it is immediately ready for work;
  • System does not require patient training, it helps to perform exercises correctly due to tips, encouragement and always available detailed instruction of how to perform the exercise. It allows to exercise independently, without help of the doctor or relatives;
  • The complex Physilect allows to see and control the strength and amplitude of movements and notices even the smallest changes, without any sensors attached on the patient’s body. This helps to significantly speed up the process of rehabilitation;
  • The patient according to his schedule chooses a convenient time and duration of the exercises during the day;
  • The complex makes training engaging due to presence of game type exercises, it is equally friendly both to adult patients and children;
  • The system for home rehabilitation allows the patient to continue independently the therapy, started together with the doctor in clinic, without losing the quality of performance. It is especially important for the patients who live in other cities and does not have opportunity to attend frequently exercises with rehabilitation in clinic;
  • The complex provides constant monitoring of the doctor on therapy exercises of remote patients, without the need for home visits. All data about performed exercices are being automatically transferred to the attending physician by the system.

If you would like to work with Physilect, please contact us, we will organize the work of the clinic and doctor with you and Physilect.

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