physiotherapy reinvented

Complex for detailed examination of patient’s movements include optical topography, recording of three-dimensional model of human and video from several angles. Laboratory of movements does not require specific knowledge and complex settings, as well markings, placed on patient’s body.

MotionLab – it is an universal system for quick and qualitative assessment of the patient’s condition. Detailed high-precision analysis of the movements and posture of the patient, automatic calculations and comparison with the norms. The patient is tested by doctor in voluntary form (dynamical and statistic tests, both sitting and standing).

After completion of the test, doctor will instantly receive full report on finished test, including information about trajectory, time, frequency and other characteristics (full list can be viewed below), including comparison with the previous result.


  1. Analysis of the trajectories of the centre of gravity (including analysis of amplitude, time and frequency);
  2. Analysis of velocities of the centre of gravity;
  3. Optical topography;
  4. 3D and video analysis of patient movements;
  5. Analysis of the loads on any part of the body (compression, stretching, rotation);
  6. Analysis of trajectories at any point of the body;
  7. Analysis simultaneously at three planes: horizontal, frontal and sagittal;
  8. Comparison of test results with each other (for example, to adjust orthoses or to demonstrate efficiency of the therapy).

System features:

  1. Suitable for patients of any height, weight, physical form, including children (does not require adjustment in compliance with anthropometric characteristics of the user);
  2. Works without any sensors attached on the patient’s body;
  3. Instant automatic calculations of all figures;
  4. Automatic reporting.