physiotherapy reinvented

Complex of the patient. Rehabilitation at home and independent training. Include biofeedback system with augmented reality and game scenarios to increase the level of motivation. The complex completely controls patient’s performance and suggests correct stereotypes of the movements. All data on patient’s training are immediately sent to the doctor.

Patient – allows to train at home, in usual cosy environment, in the same way, as if patient was training at clinic. Attending physician prescribe a course of exercises, in the same way as in clinic, and the patient performs them with the same biofeedback (biological feedback) with tips and motivating games. Communication with the doctor is supported automatically – every attempt in every exercise is recorded by the system and sent to the doctor, as statistics on the training session.


  1. Remote exercises controlled by the doctor;
  2. Automatic preparation and sending reports on patient’s activities;
  3. Control and motivation of the patient.

System features:

  1. Easy installation in any place;
  2. Connection to any TV;
  3. Without any sensors attached on the body;
  4. Opportunity to rent it as a part of Physilect Service (not available for all cities, please, check with us).

The complex can be used: for prevention, diagnostics, resistance training and recovery of motor abilities for stroke patients, patients with traumatic brain injury, various demyelinating and neurodegenerative diseases, and other diseases of central and peripheral nervous system. The complex can also be used to restore the range of motion at diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well after injuries, stroke, prolonged immobilization and restoration after surgical treatment of orthopaedic diseases.