Warranty and Service

physiotherapy reinvented


1-year warranty on complex.

Installation and training

Installation and primary training is carried out either by Physilect specialists or by specially trained representatives of the distributor company.

Continuous Support Service

Annually updated subscription for clinical complexes provides a number of advantages for all duration of the subscription:

  • To extend warranty;
  • To get all licenses for all Physilect systems;
  • Updates f all systems and hardware (if serial configuration of the complex changes, both when replacing with newer versions of equipment, and adding new elements of the system);
  • New templates of courses on diseases;
  • New versions of reports, exercises, games;
  • Remote rehabilitation (patient systems can connect to the clinical and working place of the doctor);
  • Technical support directly by manufacturer with inquiry tracking;
  • Workshop recordings and access to the exercise portal;
  • Cloud backup storage;
  • New systems of the complex Physilect (all systems launched by Physilect).

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