New generation of rehabilitation


DIAGNOSTICS Evaluation of the range of motion and symmetry, balance and trajectory of movements, load on joints and optical topography combined in one system.


REABILITATION Continuously updated library of exercises, course templates for diseases, gamification, augmented reality and modern biofeedback.


STATISTICS Automatic reports on tests performed and visual analysis of patient’s performance, data export for scientific work, recording of movements in 3D.


TELEMEDICINE Patient is able to perform exercises at home at comfort, and doctor checks the reports and remotely adjusts the assigned exercises at a convenient time.


Multifunctional medical system based on high-precision contactless sensor.

Complex allows to conduct biomechanical diagnostics of movements, analysis of the centre of gravity, prescribe course of therapy exercises, motivate and monitor patients both in the clinic and home.

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Physilect Systems

All programs and options of the complex Physilect — these are needs, which doctors, patients and owners of the clinics have encountered. This is how the first version of the system appeared, and how all our systems are being developed now – according to the requests of the customers.


Complex to restore movement activity and coordination of limb movements with assessment of functionalities by using interactive programs for clinic.

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Complex for detailed examination of patient’s movements include optical topography, recording of three-dimensional model of human and video from several angles.

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Complex of the patient. Rehabilitation at home and independent training. Include biofeedback system with augmented reality and game scenarios to increase the level of motivation.

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Application for therapyst for management patient’s profiles and excercise cources, task performing check. Can be installed to doctor’s computer.


Hardware of the complex Physilect is developing in the same way as software – according to the feedback received from users. New more powerful computers, remote control, mobile frame instead of stationary— we help you to help your patients.

Stationary therapeutic and diagnostic complex for the clinic

Complete set of equipment (computer, 40” screen, floor stand, sensor, wireless mouse and keyboard), license for Rehabilitation Complex (Clinic) or Laboratory of Motion (MotionLab).

Mobile diagnostic complex for the doctor

Set of equipment (laptop, sensor) and license of the Laboratory of Motion (MotionLab) for mobile diagnostics of the patients and license of the doctor’s workplace (Doc) to assist to remote patients in any convenient place.

Home patient system for remote rehabilitation

Set of equipment to be connected to TV (computer, sensor, wireless mouse and keyboard), license for Rehabilitation Complex for the patient (Patient). May be purchased by the clinic for renting and remote work with patients.


Continuous support

More that 10 updates of the system Physilect are being released per year. To make the latest technologies and options always available for you, we have created annual subscription to updates and extended warranty service. Subscription provides:


For all programs which we have already released and will release in the future.


The warranty is valid for all duration of subscription.


All programs, games and hardware, including the new one.


Complexes of the patients are connected to the clinical.


New exercises, course templates by diseases, reports.

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Directly from the manufacturer with control system for each inquiry.

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Partners and clients

In collaboration with leading clinics, relying on experience of the best doctors, we are creating latest Physilect systems.

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RemoRehab project of Physilect Oy has received SME Instrument Phase 1 funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 808030