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Purpose of the complex Physilect – phased active rehabilitation of patients through visualization of the process. Our systems provide restoration of motor functions of the patient through regular exercises and the use of biofeedback.

In each stage of the rehabilitation process, Physilect performs its tasks: diagnostics, creating a course of exercises, monitoring correct performance of the tasks, controlling independent work of the patient at home, between visits to the doctor, evaluating efficiency of prescribed therapy, creating reports on the whole recovery period.

Features of the work with systems Physilect:

  • The mathematical model of movements, embedded in the system Physilect does not rely on anthropometric characteristics of the patient and does not require adjustments. This model provides high accuracy of the complex, a single system for making measurements of the range of motion for all parts of the body and absence of errors;
  • Technology of the complex does not require additional equipment or sensors, attached on the patient’s body. It can be well combined with additional devices from other manufacturers;
  • Objective diagnostics and statistics present detailed reactions of the patient on changes in the load. It allows to see the progress of trainings and tendencies in any observed area. In the same way, the doctor has opportunity to actually see if patient in engaged in exercising or not;
  • Complex Physilect allows doctor to manage trainings for any number of the patients without leaving his workplace;
  • Synchronization of patient profile data provides equally qualitative rehabilitation both in the clinic and at home;
  • The system includes 126 exercises and games with biofeedback, divided by type and aimed for therapy of different parts of the body, as well as 400 criteria. In addition, the doctor has opportunity to create course of unique author exercises. This allows to create a huge number of therapy exercises, adapting them to characteristics and condition of each patient;
  • The complex provides opportunity to assign a course to the patient for the entire period of rehabilitation, as well in few minutes to adjust a current course, according to promptly obtained data, even if the patient is performing at home in another city;
  • The system automatically saves data of all patients throughout the entire course of rehabilitation in form of convenient statistical tables and graphs, which can be printed out or integrated in medical record.


We invite doctors to join to our Physilect Service. We pay for your patient consulting work on a monthly basis and help you and your patients with home rehabilitation under your supervision.

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